Biography in English

EXPRESSIONISTIC ARTIST AND GALLERY OWNER SOLI MADSEN. Soli Madsen was born in Paris. She was educated at the Sorbonne University as a linguist. She moved to Denmark, where her artistic education was given by Ole Vincent Larsen. She, then, began her several hundred exhibitions in the 80-ies, first in Denmark and France, then New York, Holland, Lithuania, Vienna, London, Italy and Spain. She has won many awards. Soli Madsen’s art is varied, visionary, imaginative, poetical, cosmic and very dynamic. Her works combine abstraction and figuration in an innovative way. She uses water colors, gouache, pastels and Chinese Ink on paper, but also acrylics on canvas and metallic colors on both .Soli Madsen has participated in many censured exhibitions and international festivals. She has lectured and taught at many workshops in several languages, as she has taught art for over 20 years. Soli Madsen takes commissions, for instance from churches and magazines. She also restores old paintings.